Foxpaws Productions
Foxpaws Productions is home to a small series of software products and hosting services.

Software Projects:
  • Home Reporter E-Systems - This is a software product aimed at home inspection companies. It converts the old useful 'blue book' sheet of home inspection into a computer program for use on tablet PC's and other devices. It includes printing support, as well as a PDF creation tool.
  • RCA - A root cause analysis tool developer for Marshall Institute to supplement their training programs.
  • ComAddin - Work in development on a simple personality tool for use in Outlook 2007 or newer.
  • CMFX - A replacement MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) driver for Cthulhumud (a Diku/ROM/Sunder derivative)
  • SwfTool - A tool for replacing strings inside an Adobe Flash SWF file.
Hosting Services:
  • E-Mail - POP3(S)/IMAP(S)/SMTP(S) services for,, and
  • Webmail - Access to hosted e-mail via a squirrelmail interface
  • Statistics - Stats server for the foxpaws network
  • Database - MySQL services
  • Web - Web Hosting with PHP, perl, and other CGI access
  • DNS - Hosting of DNS records as a primary or secondary DNS host
Other Services:
  • Network Consulting - Design, build, and deploy IP-based networks. Familiar with cisco and linksys equipment, up to and including catalyst route-switches. Complicated network design including VPN tunneling, VPN end-points, routing, and limited QoS support.
  • Computer Consulting - Build, repair, and design computer systems for small businesses.